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AAPL Member Spotlight | Eli Novey

Our January Member Spotlight shines on Eli Novey, Chief Financial Officer at Toorak Capital Partners.

With over 20 years of experience, he is the go-to guy for anything finance, treasury and accounting related for Toorak Capital Partners. Even though he is a successful buttoned up businessman, he is also “Dad” to his three young children who no doubt, keep him on his toes! But one thing you may not know about him: Novey hails from a small town that he claims has more cows than people (WOW! Do they have wi-fi there?).

Read more about our small town guy:

How long have you been an AAPL member?

Since 2016

What AAPL benefit do you MOST value?

It’s hard to pin down as I value all the perks of AAPL membership, but in particular, I look forward to the annual conference, as well as highly value the member directory as a key to connecting with fellow industry members.

Why did you become a member?

In addition to the prospect of building new connections with fellow members, I was excited to have the ability to promote issues that impact the industry at large.

What is your favorite AAPL memory?

One of my favorite AAPL memories was the 2021 annual conference held in Las Vegas. As the first in-person conference following the pandemic, it was great to experience the power of in-person networking and connection after a long pause.

Why did you decide to enter the private lending profession?

I have always had a passion for the mortgage business. The opportunity to partner up with John Beacham at Toorak to help create a dominant capital provider in the private lending space presented itself while at B2R, so I jumped on it.

What are some accomplishments you are particularly proud of?

I’m proud that Toorak Capital Partners has funded more than $10 billion towards over 25,000 business-purpose loans and that Toorak-funded projects have renovated, stabilized or provided rental housing for close to 40,000 families to date. Also that our team has also issued $3.1 billion in securitizations across eleven deals.

I’m also proud to enable the origination of loans to emerging operators and oversee and lead initiatives aimed at growing and diversifying the company’s inventory of products and funding sources, especially as Toorak positions itself to grow and meet market demands.

What is your favorite book, and why?

I have 3 relatively young children, and my wife and I make a habit of reading to them every night…so I’d have to say Goodnight Moon is my current favorite.

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