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Toorak Capital Partners Closes $285M Residential Bridge and $363M DSCR Securitizations

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Toorak Capital Partners, Inc. (“Toorak”), a leading capital provider to the residential real estate lending industry, today announced the successful closing of TRK 2022-1, a $285 million securitization of residential bridge loans, following the closing of TRK 2022-INV1, a $363 million securitization of DSCR loans last month.

Toorak’s securitizations received investor demand despite a volatile and oversupplied market. To date, the company has issued $2.7+ billion in securitizations across nine deals, including six revolving transactions backed by bridge loans and three rated transactions backed by long-term investor loans on rental properties.

“We are focused and proud of the social impact Toorak has had,” said Toorak CEO John Beacham. “In addition to aiding in the delivery and availability of units to the market, many of which are affordable, Toorak’s funding brings jobs and opportunities to areas that are often neglected by large investors. Our bridge loan borrowers are entrepreneurs who invest the funds we provide to hire and employ local workers, many with untraditional backgrounds and in low-income neighborhoods.”

The initial collateral underlying TRK 2022-1 securitization consisted of 583 residential bridge loans that financed approximately 1,300 housing units, 78% of which are expected to be affordable upon rehabilitation and/or stabilization in their respective zip codes, where the median household income was close to $55,900.

The TRK 2022-INV1 securitization consisted of 1,254 rental mortgages that financed around 2,300 units, with an average underwritten rent of approximately $1,600 per unit, compared to a median household income of $55,700 in their respective zip codes.

With capital commitments from entities managed by KKR, a leading global investment firm, Toorak has revolutionized the way business purpose residential real estate lenders access capital. The firm was the first to link small-balance commercial and residential originators with institutional capital and has perfected this approach in the single-family residential bridge and 30-year single family rental lending space.

About Toorak Capital Partners

Toorak Capital Partners is an integrated correspondent lending platform based in Summit, NJ. Toorak acquires small-balance, business-purpose loans backed by residential, multifamily, and mixed-use properties throughout the U.S. and the U.K. Toorak acquires loans directly from lenders that originate high credit quality loans. Toorak’s principals have a deep understanding of mortgage credit in the residential and commercial space with backgrounds in real estate lending, capital markets, securitization, asset-liability management, asset management and credit. Since inception, Toorak has provided more than $7.5 billion in capital and funded over 20,000 business-purpose loans. Toorak-funded projects have renovated, stabilized or provided rental housing for close to 40,000 families to date – an average of approximately 1,000 families per month in 2021.

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