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Toorak Capital Partners hires CTO

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Toorak Capital Partners has hired Sachin Venugopal as its chief technology officer.

The appointment follows the capital provider’s decision to invest in a new technology platform to improve customer experience for its network of lending partners.  

In his new role, Sachin will be responsible for developing a proprietary technology platform to automate the loan submission, review and closing processes.He will also be charged with improving overall operations and efficiency of the firm’s technology stack.Sachin has over 20 years of experience of building customer-focused digital platforms and has previously served at AQR Capital, McGraw Hill and Lexis Nexis.Sachin said: “Toorak has been remarkably innovative in its approach and I’m incredibly excited to be part of an amazing team focused on further improving and streamlining the loan process for lenders.”John Beacham, CEO at Toorak Capital Partners, commented: “Toorak Capital Partners has always strived to provide the best possible service for our partner lenders.“We are committed to take our customer service to the next level by investing in a new technology platform.”


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