We fund the loan. The lender keeps the customer.

While not a lender ourselves, we partner with loan originators to fund their loans:

Bridge/Rehab/Ground-Up Loans

For the purchase, renovation, and construction of aging housing stock (up to 24-month term)

Rental (DSCR) Investor Loans

Long term loans on stabilized properties to make available much needed homes for families (30-year term)

Partnering with Toorak

Toorak’s success is directly correlated to success from our partners who:

Grew into institutional lenders

Transformed from regional players and are now nationally recognized originators

Increased volume 20x (e.g. from $20m/Y to $500m/Y)

Flexible Products

We offer multiple funding options on RTL Loans (aka Residential Transitional Loans), Bridge, Fix & Flip and Ground-Up, and Term Loans on Residential and Multifamily properties throughout the US and UK


Cutting-Edge Technology

Our AI-powered Toorak Connect platform enables efficient loan acquisition, and allows the step by step tracking of the approval process


Market Leading Underwriting

All loans go through a full internal and third-party review. Toorak team reviews any underwriting exceptions.


Commitment to Driving Impact

Our capital helps increase business for our lending partners, and our funded projects enable local real estate investors and entrepreneurs to create jobs, improve communities, and add much needed housing stock to communities


Why Toorak?


In capital provided


Lending partners grew with us


Family homes made possible