Our experienced underwriting team and proprietary technology promote efficient, reliable and transparent funding of bridge and term loans directly from private lenders in the US and UK

Toorak does not originate loans or provide capital directly to real estate investors. However, the capital we issue to lenders enables the renovation and rehabilitation of aging housing stock that produces much needed residences for communities. By funding the loans, Toorak helps originators recycle capital, and make more loans to real estate investors.

Proven Leadership

  • Founded in 2016 by John Beacham, an experienced entrepreneur who has completed more than $50 billion in transactions over 25 years.
  • The Toorak team has grown to over 100 employees across three continents
  • Senior members average 20+ years of experience, with extensive background as lenders at leading financial

Superior Technology and Consistent Credit

  • Well-established underwriting criteria promotes conservative leverage for bridge and DSCR portfolios
  • Industry leading technology facilitates continued growth and profitability

Financial Stability and Growth

  • Toorak is supported by capital commitments from entities managed by KKR, global investment bank
    financing facilities, and a robust securitization platform
  • Partnerships with 100+ lenders across US and UK