The Right Lending Partners

Initial vetting of lender business underwriting processes focuses on partners that can generate Toorak-compliant loans

The Right Credit Parameters

Eligible loans are selected based on key credit drivers, and each loan is reviewed to approved credit tolerance

The Top Loans

All loans go through full third-party review. Complex pricing matrix considers any/all risk and review exceptions that entail additional diligence

“Toorak’s proprietary funding and credit criteria is explicitly defined to ensure standardized credit quality”

Experience: 20 years underwriting across multiple asset classes and types.

“The multiple layers of loan review efficiently and transparently executed via its ToorakConnect portal promotes funding for liquid properties, in desirable markets from experienced borrowers”

Underwriting Expert

Experience: 30+ years underwriting, mortgage capital, deal management, portfolio acquisitions, lending operations and credit risk management

“Our robust value validation process augments 3rd party appraisals through independent and structural market analysis as well as back testing of appraisal values against re-sale information”

Valuation Expert

Experience: 30+ years as an appraiser/valuation specialist

“We mitigate risk around draw funding by requiring construction budget adequacy, inspection reports and stamped and approved plans among others before construction advances are approved”

Draw Management and Construction Expert

Experience: 25+ years as a builder, developer and supervisor of rehab and ground up construction projects