Funding Quality Housing for Families

Provided funding for over 50,000 families

Serving Underserved Communities

Many Toorak-funded projects support minority and lower income areas

Creating Job Growth

Toorak-funded projects employ construction, electrical, plumbing, and other workers and bring business to communities

Providing Affordable Housing

Toorak supports many projects that are affordable in their zip codes

Reducing Environmental Impact

Renovations often require upgrades to current codes, making homes safer, healthier, and more energy efficient

Financing Small and Mid-size Enterprises

Enables local entrepreneurs, facilitating social and economic mobility

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Established corporate target of at least 50% women and people of color

Educating Young People

Toorak fosters young talent with our rotational analyst program

Committed to Employee Health and Wellness

Fitwel certification that promotes actions and strategies that impact human health and wellbeing

“Besides all the money made with Toorak…. The knowledge and the experience that we’ve gained is absolutely priceless”

“Toorak is an innovator and sets the standard for quality. We truly appreciate these attributes”


Property Loans


Year Established


Growing lender businesses

100+ US & UK lenders have grown as a direct result of Toorak’s partnership

Our senior leadership team is committed to responsible investing and addressing ESG issues, with a strong focus on having a positive social impact.

“Our capital builds communities by bringing jobs and opportunities to areas that are often neglected by large investors and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit of our borrowers, who hire and employ local workers to develop and maintain homes for families”

John Beacham

CEO and Founder