Ketan Parekh

Managing Director – Head of US Lender Relations & Capital Markets

Ketan Parekh is Managing Director – Head of US Lender Relations & Capital Markets at Toorak Capital Partners. Mr. Parekh has over 25 years of experience in residential structured products, mortgage, and real estate banking. Prior to Toorak, he was a Managing Director at Invictus Capital Partners, an alternative mortgage credit fund, where he led the business purpose loan division that included sourcing loans, managing credit and operations, and portfolio and asset management. Prior to Invictus, Mr. Parekh was a Partner & Managing Director at Window Rock Capital Partners, a mortgage credit fund that acquired non-owner-occupied business purpose residential mortgage loans. Previously, he was Managing Director at Premium Point Investments, where he headed WinWater’s residential whole loan conduit, acquiring and securitizing prime jumbo loans.

Mr. Parekh was also a Director with Bank of America Merrill Lynch for eight years, overseeing a variety of business lines including disposition of NPLs and REOs, securitization, and mortgage lending solutions for all types of residential mortgage loans, as well as led the SFR lending business. Prior to Bank of America, he was co-head of the mortgage and asset-backed banking group at UBS. Mr. Parekh also headed capital markets at Ameriquest Mortgage Company, after having worked at KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He holds a BBA in Accounting and Finance from James Madison University.