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Managing Director - Head of UK Lender Relations

Prior to Toorak, Tim was CEO and founder of Cogent Investments for over 9 years, a multi-national distressed asset platform, deploying over $100 million across both UK and US residential markets; acquiring over 500 individual assets through NPL acquisitions, foreclosure and administration sales. Alongside this, Tim founded a US-based asset management business to oversee the various portfolio requirements, acquisitions, construction management, property management and eventual disposal of assets.


Alongside Cogent, Tim worked with UK bridge and mezzanine lender Calmez, focusing on low value, high volume loan origination, working to grow the overall loan book while concentrating on improving credit quality. Tim also worked for two of the top London surveying firms and a residential investment fund prior to founding Cogent Investments.

Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Salford University.

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